Our class play by Robin (Class 2L)

This year, our class play was On the farm.
My friends and I were the farm animals. I was a horse. My costume was a big horse’s head and body. Charles was a sheep. His costume was a white wool coat. Nicola was a hen. Her costume was a hen’s head and body.
All the animals were happy on the farm.
Everyone was very good. All our mums and dads were very happy. Our teacher was very proud of us.
Write: a - b - c.
1Robin - ahen
2Nicola - bsheep
3Charles - chorse

Complete the sentences. Write: sheep - happy – 2L – animals – head – proud.
1Robin is in class .
2Robin and his friends were farm .
3Charles was the .
4Nicola’s costume was a hen’s and body.
5Everyone was very .
6The teacher was .