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Reading - My friends

Complete the sentences
Hallo Peter,
This is a picture of me with my friends.
Mark is my best friend. He has got short, black hair. He has got black eyes.
Adele is Mark’s neighbour. She has got blue eyes. She has got long, blond hair.
Barney is Adele’cousin. He is tall. He has got short, brawn hair. His eyes are brown.
Carol is a good friend too. She has got curly, red hair.
Tim is Carol’s brother. His eyes are green. He has got short hair. It’s red too.
I am in the picture too. I am short and I’ve got short, blond hair. My eyes are green. Can you see me?

Read and number:
Mark - , Adele - , Barney - , Carol - , Tim - , Ben -
Mgr. A. Karchutňáková